Tempat, tgl lahir : Medan, 29 April 1955
Alamat :
Rumah Jl. Ciniru I No. 3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Kantor PT. Pratama Capital Assets Management, Equity Tower Building, 12th floor Unit A & E, SCBD Lot 9 Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
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  • 2008

    Doktor di bidang Ilmu Sosial dengan Judicium “Cum Laude” dari Universitas Gajah Mada

  • 1996

    Master of Business Administration dari Indonesia School of Management dan Amsterdam School of Management

  • 1986

    Sarjana Ekonomi dari Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta


  1. Jabatan Publik

    • 2004-2007

      Menteri Negara BUMN Presiden RI pada Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu - I

    • 2002-2004

      Staf Khusus Wakil Presiden RI Dr. H. Hamzah Haz

  2. Jabatan Korporasi

    • 2014-Sekarang

      Komisaris PT AJB Bumiputra 1912

    • 2014-Sekarang

      Komisaris Independen PT. Grha 165 Tgk

    • 2010-2015

      Komisaris Utama PT PERTAMINA (Persero)

    • 2010-Sekarang

      Anggota BPA PT AJB Bumiputra 1912

    • 2013-Sekarang

      Komisaris Utama PT Jababeka Infrastruktur

    • 2010-2013

      Komisaris Utama PT AJB Bumiputra 1912

    • 2010-sekarang

      Komisaris Independen PT Permata Prima Sakti Tbk. (Coal and Mining)

    • 2000-Sekarang

      Komisaris Utama PT. Wahana Mandiri Indonesia

    • 1991-2004

      CEO dan CFO di Medco Group

    • 1982-1991

      Senior Investment Banking Officer (Anggota Direksi dan Vice President) di Bankers Trust Company dan Chemical Bank, New York Group, Jakarta

    • 1974-1982

      Auditor dan Management Consultant di Drs Utomo Mulia & Co / SGV – Utomo

  3. Organisasi Profesi

    • 2011-Sekarang

      Wakil Ketua Dewan Kehormatan Indonesia Risk Professional Association(IRPA)

    • 2004-Sekarang

      Anggota Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia(ISEI)

    • 2011-Sekarang

      Badan Pembina Ikatan Ahli Ekonomi Islam Indonesia(IAEI)

    • 2012-Sekarang

      Badan Penasehat Asosiasi Audit Internal


  • 2014

    Penghargaan BINTANG MAHAPUTERA ADIPRADANA dari PRESIDEN REPUBLIK INDONESIA Atas Jasa & Prestasi Sebagai Menteri Negara BUMN

  • 2008

    Gelar Doktor dari Pasca Sarjana Universitas Gajah Mada, Jogyakarta dengan Judicum " Cum-Laude"

  • 2004

    Top 4 The Best Company in GCG dari Indonesia Oversight Committee for GCG, CFO

  • 2004

    Top 2 Annual Report Award dari Menteri Keuangan /Bapepam/Marker Society, CFO

  • 2003/2004

    The Best Indonesia Credit Asian Assets Award dari Majalah Finance Asia, CFO

  • 2003/2004

    Rank 122 & 123 ( Out of top 500 World Class Company ) Fortune 500 dari Fortune Magazine, Acted as Chairman of PT Pertamina (Persero)

  • 2002

    Top EVA Based Concept dari Mark Plus & Universitas Indonesia, CFO

  • 1996

    The Best CEO Of The Year -The Best Of the Best in General Management- dari Institute Manajement Prasetya Mulia/Mendiknas

Dr. Sugiharto is the former Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOE), a position he filled between 2004 and 2007 under then President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Dr. Sugiharto was able to manage record high combined revenues of over US$ 59.1 billion, a net profit of over US$ 4 billion and the contribution to state budget of over US$ 5.7 billion in dividend, tax and privatization in 2006.

During the two years of his tenure as Minister, the 14 listed SOE’s become a major driver to the Indonesian Stock Market. The combined market capitalization had improved more than double from over US$ 20.6 billion in 2004 to over US$ 40.9 billion in 2006.

In addition to these significant achievements, Dr. Sugiharto is also the longest serving Chairman of PT. Pertamina (Persero); Indonesia’s State-Owned integrated oil, gas and new energy Firm. In 2013, Pertamina was the second-largest crude oil producer in Indonesia and is ranked no. 122 in the Fortune Global 500 list of companies with revenues totaling to $70.9 billion. Pertamina is also the sole Indonesian company to be featured in the list.

Before he was solicited as the Minister, Dr. Sugiharto was one of the architects of the success story of the Medco Group of Companies. Joining since 1991, he has assumed top management positions including CEO of the Group making him one of the longest serving members of the Board of the Company.

Dr. Sugiharto was also heavily involved in the business process of acquiring 100% of Medco’s 14 different oil & gas acreages in Indonesia from international oil & gas companies including Exxon, Mobil, Stanvac, Arco and Tesoro Petroleum.

In 2004, Dr. Sugiharto had an instrumental role in acquiring 100% of Novus Petroleum (Australia) Ltd at more than US$ 400 million. This exposed the Company into 7 different countries including Middle East and USA with more than 8 tax country jurisdictions.

Dr. Sugiharto is also a former CEO of one of the Largest SOE Conglomerates in the Region, the Indonesian State Oil and Natural Gas Mining Company, Pertamina. Some of the key projects he has been instrumental to include fast track development of 10.000 MW power project valued in excess of US$ 10 Billion including its financing requirements.

He was also instrumental in promoting the sovereign risk rating of Indonesia through a continuing dialog with independent rating agencies. During his tenure, he was actively leading Pertamina’s major corporate restructuring process, solving various disputed cases with local and international companies (such as Cemex International, Exxon–Cepu cases) and liaised with various government agencies for policy formulation, coordination, and implementation.

Dr. Sugiharto was also successfully promoting Good Corporate Governance (GCG) among SOE’s, reducing moral hazards and supporting more than 440,000 small medium enterprises as part of its community development program.

He graduated from the University of Indonesia, the Indonesian School of Management, the Amsterdam School of Management and Gajah Mada University. He obtained his PhD Cum Laude from the latter in Public Policy in 2008.He has held several key posts including Senior Investment Banking Officer (Board of Directors member and Vice President) at Banker Trust Company and Chemical Bank, New York Group and various senior posts including CEO and CFO at Medco Group. On 6 May 2010, Dr. Sugiharto assumed the position of President Commissioner of Pertamina which he still holds.

The combination of 30 years professional experience as a minister, top executive, auditor, management consultant and investment banker mean that Dr. Sugiharto represents a unique combination of leadership, managerial and technical skills. Dr. Sugiharto’s key areas of expertise include: Public Policies, Financial Management, Capital Markets & Investment Banking, Tax & Management Consulting, Public Accounting Practices, Leadership Management, Lecturing, Public Speaking, Presenting and Moderating.